#424:  A Long Way Out
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+ Comments #424: A Long Way Out - January 02, 2010

I reused an internal card reader from Sony - Multi-card Reader-Writer model MRW620-U1-181 in my new PC. My old PC with Windows XP could read my 16GB UDMA compact flash cards and so I thought my new PC would be able to recognize it as well... Nope. I didn't know if you had a UDMA card, you need a UDMA card reader. So I bought a RocketFish internal card reader from BestBuy and it does read UDMA mode 4 cards. So I'm happy again.

As all these standards change, it's hard to keep up.

I thought I would be posting less. I've decided to try and post more. The idea is just to shoot everyday. I think the posts may get a bit....crappy.

FinePix F10
1/640 sec
Flash: Not Fired